Mirrlees Fields Friends Group

MAN Energy Solutions propose to build on Mirrlees Fields

The Fields are currently designated as a green space and are not available for residential development.

But MAN would like to overturn this designation for over one third of the Fields.

Their proposals:

1. Build 150 houses on the big field of Mirrlees Fields (35% of the site). Access would be from Bramhall Moor Lane. The oak trees and rights of way would be preserved.

2. Transfer ownership of the remainder of the Fields to a Trust which would guarantee public access to a new ‘Country Park’ (65% of the site). Funding would be provided to maintain the ‘Park’.

Proposed Development


Our Position:

Since we have begun to actively increase awareness of MAN’s intentions through emails to supporters, delivering leaflets in the local area and social media, MFFG volunteers have been asked what our official position is on the plans for development.

As it currently stands, there is no development to ‘oppose’. No planning application has been submitted (although we know MAN have started the pre-application process with the Council) and we have not seen any documents from either the pre-application or potential full planning application. MFFG and local ward Councillors have been presented with high level ideas and an outline of what could be incorporated into a subsequent planning application.

However, we do have opinions on what information has been shared with us so far.

If what we have seen, and what we then shared with our supporters, were to be included within a Planning Application, MFFG would OPPOSE the application, urge our supporters to do likewise and provide whatever guidance and support we could to ensure objections from the local community were ‘valid’ in the eyes of the Planning Department and planning policy. The reason for this is because:

Given our constituted, charitable objectives, it is equally important to highlight to supporters and the wider community that should any planning application (and subsequent appeal) be rejected by the Council, this will not necessarily safeguard the future of Mirrlees Fields, bring them into wider community use or ensure they become a well-managed and safe public space that will enhance the quality of life for local people.

Preventing development on the Fields is reliant on whoever owns the land to not allow it to be built on.

We cannot stress this enough. Only the transfer of ownership or sale to people that are bound to protect the site and have the financial resources to allow them to do this will safeguard the Fields in perpetuity and avoid future planning applications and battles with developers.